/publications/PubThumbnails/PB1731-1.jpgPB1731Identifying Oak Trees Native to Tennessee
Forestry, Wildlife and FisheriesResidential and Consumer HorticultureNatural Resources and Environmental Quality$3.25Purchase
/publications/PubThumbnails/PB1745-1.jpgPB1745PB 1745 Beekeeping in Tennessee
Comprehensive beekeeping pub covers everything from getting started to managing for pests. Revised for 2013.
Entomology and Plant PathologyAgri-business Economics and EntrepreneurshipProduction Agriculture$7.00Purchase
/publications/PubThumbnails/PB1752-1.jpgPB1752Native Warm-Season Grasses: Identification, Establishment and Management for Wildlife and Forage Production in the Mid-South
Please note: This file is 11 MB and 192 pages.
Center for Profitable AgricultureWildlife SystemsProduction Agriculture$35.00Purchase
/publications/PubThumbnails/PB1767-1.jpgPB1767Wood Protection for Log Home Owners
An understanding of wood properties will help log home owners protect and enjoy their homes. This publication is designed to provide basic information about wood, wood protection and the use of large timbers to build log homes.
Entomology and Plant PathologyEnvironmental Health and SafetyHome$7.00Purchase
/publications/PubThumbnails/PB1772-1.jpgPB1772A Hardwood Log Grading Handbook
Forestry, Wildlife and FisheriesForested SystemsNatural Resources and Environmental Quality$2.50Purchase
/publications/PubThumbnails/PB1780-1.jpgPB1780Conducting a Simple Timber Inventory
Forestry, Wildlife and FisheriesForested SystemsNatural Resources and Environmental Quality$5.00
/publications/PubThumbnails/PB1785-1.jpgPB1785Invasive Weeds of the Appalachian Region
Comprehensive manual for how to identify and control invasive weeds of the Southern Applachians.
Plant SciencesWildlife SystemsHome and Garden$10.00Purchase
/publications/PubThumbnails/PB1791-1.JPGPB1791Planning Today for Tomorrow's Farms
This workbook provides a solid foundation to understand basic farm and forest succession planning concepts and processes, including using professional services to develop a high-quality farm succession plan.
Agricultural EconomicsAgri-business Economics and EntrepreneurshipCommunity and Economic Development$25.00Purchase
PB1874Landowners' Guide to Wildlife Food Plots PB 1874
Planting food plots is the most popular habitat management practice among landowners wanting to enhance habitat for wildlife.
Forestry, Wildlife and FisheriesNatural ResourcesNatural Resources and Environmental Quality$15.00https://secure.touchnet.com/C21610_ustores/web/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCTID=1747&SINGLESTORE=true
/publications/PubThumbnails/PB595-1.jpgPB595You Can Control Garden Insects PB 595 2020
Safe, effective and economical control measures to minimize insect damage in the garden.
Entomology and Plant PathologyResidential and Consumer HorticultureHome and Garden$6.00Purchase
PB724Canning Foods
A comprehensive guide to canning fruits and vegetables, as well as pickles, relishes, jams, jellies and preserves.
Family and Consumer SciencesNutrition and Food SafetyFood$5.00Purchase
/publications/PubThumbnails/SP494-1.jpgSP494Egg University Handbook on Egg Safety
Family and Consumer SciencesNutrition and Food SafetyFood$1.50Purchase