D141An Example Bermudagrass Lawn Care Calendar D141Plant Sciences, Soil Plant and Pest Center$0.004/23/2021 11:54 AM
D196Irrigation Calculations I: Distribution Uniformity, Application Rate, and Run Time of Container Grown CropsPlant Sciences$0.003/6/2023 1:53 PM
D200Irrigation Calculations II: Leaching FractionPlant Sciences$0.002/7/2023 5:08 PM
D208Irrigation Calculations III: Capture FactorPlant Sciences$0.005/15/2023 6:49 PM
D21Rain Gardens for Tennessee: Educators' Toolkit D 21Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science$0.009/11/2015 2:38 PM
D22Rain Gardens for Tennessee: A Builder's Guide D 22Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science$0.009/21/2015 4:58 PM
PB1836Nursery Irrigation: A Guide for Reducing Risk and Improving Production PB 1836Plant Sciences$0.001/8/2016 3:30 PM
SP740-AGood Agricultural Practices Series: Testing Water for Fruit and Vegetable ProductionPlant Sciences, Soil Plant and Pest Center$0.007/31/2012 1:40 PM
SP740-BGood Agricultural Practices Series: Interpreting Water Quality ResultsPlant Sciences, Soil Plant and Pest Center$0.007/31/2012 1:48 PM
SP781-BImproving Stream Channels, Ditches and Lakeshores With Live Staking SP 781-BBiosystems Engineering and Soil Science$0.008/26/2015 2:16 PM
W1051Rainwater Harvesting for High Tunnel Irrigation Using Solar and Gravity Power W 1051Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science$0.001/7/2022 3:25 PM
W278Sustainable Nursery Irrigation Management Series: Part I. Water Use in Nursery ProductionPlant Sciences$0.004/16/2013 3:00 PM
W279Sustainable Nursery Irrigation Management Series. Part II: Strategies to Increase Nursery Crop Irrigation EfficiencyPlant Sciences$0.004/16/2013 3:06 PM
W280Sustainable Nursery Irrigation Management Series: Part III. Strategies to Manage Nursery RunoffPlant Sciences$0.004/16/2013 3:17 PM
W283Should Tennessee Tobacco Growers Invest in Irrigation, Fertigation or Plastic Mulch?Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science$0.0010/10/2011 4:12 PM
W293-AThinking Above the Box: Green Roof History and SystemsPlant Sciences$0.006/26/2013 2:16 PM
W303W 303 Fertigation of Row-crops Using Overhead IrrigationPlant Sciences$0.001/16/2014 11:10 AM
W337-ABeyond Plastic Pots: Part 1: Compostable, Plantable and Other Containers for Nursery Crop Production W 337-APlant Sciences$0.0012/15/2015 10:18 AM
W337-BBeyond Plastic Pots: Part 2: Compostable and R3 Containers for Nursery Crop Production W 337-B Plant Sciences$0.0012/15/2015 10:22 AM
W337-CBeyond Plastic Pots: Part 3: Plantable Containers for Nursery Crop Production W 337-CPlant Sciences$0.0012/15/2015 10:37 AM
W337-DBeyond Plastic Pots: Part 4: Comparison of Alternative Nursery Containers W 337-DPlant Sciences$0.0012/15/2015 10:41 AM
W338-BThe World Is Flat -- At Least With Topographic Maps W 338-B4-H, Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science$0.009/23/2015 10:36 AM
W338-CHow Much Water Would a Watershed Shed if a Watershed Could Shed Water?4-H, Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science$0.002/5/2016 3:26 PM
W6744-H Lesson Plan: Irrigation Challenge - STEM Camp W 6474-H$0.005/4/2020 1:53 PM
W783Cotton Nitrogen Management in Tennessee W 783Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science, Plant Sciences$0.004/3/2019 4:18 PM
W800-AUsing Sensors in Nurseries, Garden Centers and Landscapes Part 1: Monitoring Irrigation Systems and Root Zone Conditions W 800-ABiosystems Engineering and Soil Science, Plant Sciences$0.004/17/2019 2:49 PM
W809-AIrrigation Water Management - A Simple Analogy W 809-ABiosystems Engineering and Soil Science$0.003/12/2019 12:12 PM
W809-BThe Basics of Soybean Irrigation in Tennessee W 809-BBiosystems Engineering and Soil Science, Plant Sciences$0.003/12/2019 12:24 PM
W809-CThe Basics of Cotton Irrigation in Tennessee W 809-CBiosystems Engineering and Soil Science, Plant Sciences$0.003/12/2019 12:37 PM
W809-FUnderstanding Center Pivot Application Rate W 809-FBiosystems Engineering and Soil Science$0.0010/31/2019 1:36 PM
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