D114Operating a Garden Center During the COVID-19 Pandemic D 114Agricultural Economics, Center for Profitable Agriculture, Plant Sciences$0.005/13/2020 8:02 PM
D196Irrigation Calculations I: Distribution Uniformity, Application Rate, and Run Time of Container Grown CropsPlant Sciences$0.003/6/2023 1:53 PM
D200Irrigation Calculations II: Leaching FractionPlant Sciences$0.002/7/2023 5:08 PM
PB1594PB 1594 Insect and Mite Management in GreenhousesEntomology and Plant Pathology$0.0011/2/2009 4:19 PM
PB1595Using Pesticides in Greenhouses PB 1595Entomology and Plant Pathology$0.0011/2/2009 4:19 PM
pb1616Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers for Greenhouse ProductionPlant Sciences, Soil Plant and Pest Center$0.0011/2/2009 4:19 PM
pb1617Irrigation Water Quality for Greenhouse ProductionPlant Sciences, Soil Plant and Pest Center$0.0011/2/2009 4:19 PM
PB1618Growing Media for Greenhouse ProductionPlant Sciences, Soil Plant and Pest Center$0.0011/2/2009 4:19 PM
PB1649Commercial Tall Fescue-Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Production in TennesseePlant Sciences$0.0011/2/2009 4:19 PM
PB1825An Overview of Systems-based Pest Management for Nursery Production PB 1825Entomology and Plant Pathology, Plant Sciences$0.0012/15/2014 9:04 AM
PB1836Nursery Irrigation: A Guide for Reducing Risk and Improving Production PB 1836Plant Sciences$0.001/8/2016 3:30 PM
PB1840-AHydrangea Production: Cultivar Selection and General Practices to Consider When Propagating and Growing Hydrangea PB 1840-APlant Sciences$0.007/27/2016 2:14 PM
PB1840-BHydrangea Production: Species-Specific Production Guide PB 1840-BPlant Sciences$0.007/27/2016 2:24 PM
SP742Camphor Shot Borer: A New Nursery and Landscape Pest in TennesseeEntomology and Plant Pathology, Plant Sciences$0.0011/1/2012 10:00 AM
W1051Rainwater Harvesting for High Tunnel Irrigation Using Solar and Gravity Power W 1051Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science$0.001/7/2022 3:25 PM
W1080A Ten-Year Review of the Southeast U.S. Green Industry, Part II: Addressing Labor Shortages and Internal and External Factors Affecting Business StrategiesAgricultural Economics, Plant Sciences$0.005/24/2022 10:15 AM
W1147The Role of Automation in Addressing the Nursery Industry Labor Shortage, Part I: Current Automation AdoptionPlant Sciences$0.003/15/2023 8:56 AM
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W277Japanese Maple Scale: An Important New Insect Pest in the Nursery and LandscapeEntomology and Plant Pathology, Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries, Plant Sciences, Soil Plant and Pest Center$0.008/19/2011 2:47 PM
W278Sustainable Nursery Irrigation Management Series: Part I. Water Use in Nursery ProductionPlant Sciences$0.004/16/2013 3:00 PM
W279Sustainable Nursery Irrigation Management Series. Part II: Strategies to Increase Nursery Crop Irrigation EfficiencyPlant Sciences$0.004/16/2013 3:06 PM
W280Sustainable Nursery Irrigation Management Series: Part III. Strategies to Manage Nursery RunoffPlant Sciences$0.004/16/2013 3:17 PM
W337-ABeyond Plastic Pots: Part 1: Compostable, Plantable and Other Containers for Nursery Crop Production W 337-APlant Sciences$0.0012/15/2015 10:18 AM
W337-BBeyond Plastic Pots: Part 2: Compostable and R3 Containers for Nursery Crop Production W 337-B Plant Sciences$0.0012/15/2015 10:22 AM
W337-CBeyond Plastic Pots: Part 3: Plantable Containers for Nursery Crop Production W 337-CPlant Sciences$0.0012/15/2015 10:37 AM
W337-DBeyond Plastic Pots: Part 4: Comparison of Alternative Nursery Containers W 337-DPlant Sciences$0.0012/15/2015 10:41 AM
W470Using Plant Growth Regulators on Hydrangea Species to Control Plant Size and Increase Branching and Flowering During Nursery Production W 470Plant Sciences$0.0012/21/2017 9:26 AM
W800-AUsing Sensors in Nurseries, Garden Centers and Landscapes Part 1: Monitoring Irrigation Systems and Root Zone Conditions W 800-ABiosystems Engineering and Soil Science, Plant Sciences$0.004/17/2019 2:49 PM
W855Initiating Pollinator Stewardship in the Nursery, Landscape and Garden Center W 855Entomology and Plant Pathology, Plant Sciences$0.0012/16/2019 9:23 AM
W874-APlants for Tennessee Landscapes W 874-APlant Sciences$0.002/2/2021 7:37 PM