We are excited to announce that the Tennessee Extension Internship Program for summer 2018 will bring parts of four individual internship programs together under one collaborative effort to aid in improvements to our already established internship programs. Internship programs from Agriculture, Natural Resources & Community Economic Development, Family and Consumer Sciences (Career Edge), and the Minority Internship Programs from both UT and TSU will be managed as a cooperative effort while maintaining the flexibility needed to meet diverse needs. 

Agriculture, Natural Resources & Community Economic Development

The 2018 application period for Tennessee Extension ANR/CED Internships is now open.

Application Requirements:
  • Complete online application
  • Attach resume to online application
  • Attach transcript to online application
  • Attach completed addendum to online application

Internships are available in the following areas. Visit the Extension Employment page for the full position announcements.

  • X1748 Union County 
  • X1749 Agricultural & Resource Economics
  • X1750 Davidson County/TN Governor's Residence
  • X1751 Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries
  • X1752 Animal Science
  • X1753 Eastern Region Office
  • X1754 Plant Sciences
  • X1758 Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science

For more information, please contact Mrs. Cindy Tietz at ctietz@utk.edu.

Family and Consumer Sciences (Career Edge)

The 2018 application period for Tennessee Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Internship is not yet open.

For more information, please contact Mr. Clint Cummings at ccummin1@utk.edu.

Minority Internship Programs

The 2018 application period for  Tennessee Extension Minority Internships is not yet open.

For more information, please contact Brandi Berven at bb@utk.edu.

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For more information please contact Cindy Lay or Brandi Berven at 865.974.7245 or e-mail UTAgExtPersonnel@utk.edu



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