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Tennessee Extension Volunteerism

Volunteer Application

Section 1 - TN Extension Volunteer Application Form (updated 6/28/16 to include question about previous volunteerism with Extension and logo added) (212K, pdf)

Section 2 - TN Extension Volunteer Statement of Principles (112K, pdf)

Section 3 - TN Extension Volunteer Program Area Information Forms (updated 12/9/19 to include Master Food Volunteer section on p. 4) (301K, pdf) 

Section 4 - UT Programs for Minors Safety Policy and Standards of Conduct (767K, pdf)

Section 5 - TN Extension Volunteer Background Check Consent Form (83K, pdf)

Decision Trees

TN Extension Volunteer Classification Decision Tree - Adult (updated 3/5/19 with new names and links to volunteer training) (289K, pdf)

TN Extension Volunteer Classification Decision Tree - Youth (updated 6/28/16 to clarify types of enrollment forms) (275K, pdf)

Child Protection

Tennessee Law on Mandatory Reporting of Child and Child Sex Abuse (507KB, .pdf) - Required for Level 3 Volunteers.

Child Protection Training for volunteers can be found on the Programs for Minors webpage. Required for Level 3 Volunteers. 

Motor Driver Vehicle Check can be found on the Tennessee government webpage​. This may be used for volunteers who have BGC's conducted at the county level which may not include a motor driver check.

Programs for Minors FAQ's - Please visit the Programs for Minors website for the most recent version of FAQs.​​​

Volunteer Training

Online Volunteer OrientationRequired for all volunteers. No login required. (Added 11/21/18)

Level 3 Volunteer TrainingRequired for Level 3 Volunteers. Click “request” then complete registration. (Added 11/21/18)


Employee Volunteer Form (64K, pdf)

UT-TSU Extension Volunteer Position Description (175K, pdf)

Volunteer Handbook​ - For all volunteers.

For more Volunteerism resources for Extension staff, please visit: Login with NetID and password required. 

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