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Tennessee Extension Volunteerism

Volunteer Application

Section 1 - TN Extension Volunteer Application Form (updated 6/28/16 to include question about previous volunteerism with Extension and logo added) (212K, pdf)

Section 2 - TN Extension Volunteer Statement of Principles (112K, pdf)

Section 3 - TN Extension Volunteer Program Area Information Forms (301K, pdf)

Section 4 - UT Programs for Minors Safety Policy and Standards of Conduct (767K, pdf)

Section 5 - TN Extension Volunteer Background Check Consent Form (83K, pdf)

Decision Trees

TN Extension Volunteer Classification Decision Tree - Adult (updated 3/6/18 to reflect registry check expiration change) (289K, pdf)

TN Extension Volunteer Classification Decision Tree - Youth (updated 6/28/16 to clarify types of enrollment forms) (275K, pdf)


UT-TSU Extension Volunteer Position Description (175K, pdf)


Tennessee Law on Mandatory Reporting of Child and Child Sex Abuse (507KB, .pdf)

Child Protection Training for volunteers can be found on the Programs for Minors webpage below:

Motor Driver Vehicle Check can be found on the Tennessee government webpage below: (this may be used for volunteers who have BGC's conducted at the county level which may not include a motor driver check)

Programs for Minors FAQ's - Please visit the Programs for Minors website for the most recent version of FAQs.​​