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A Code of Ethics for Tennessee Extension Workers

Professional Ethics
An Extension worker should understand, believe in and uphold Extension as a profession.
This includes:
·        Knowing what Extension is and how it works
·        Supporting institutions of which Extension is a part
·        Supporting fellow workers in their work
·        Maintaining effective public relations
·        Knowing and using appropriate channels on matters relating to regulations and legislative affairs
An Extension worker should know and competently present appropriate subject matter.
This includes:
·        Maintaining high standards for subject matter taught, and admitting lack of knowledge if and when necessary
·        Properly relating his or her own subject matter to the total Extension program with vision, energy and judgment
·        Having a willingness and desire to continually develop and improve his or her own competencies
An Extension worker should accept the responsibilities that go along with being a public employee.
This includes:
·        Being fair, understanding and courteous, and having proper respect for human dignity in all work situations
·        Holding confidential information as a trust
·        Not allowing self-interest to jeopardize effectiveness of the Extension effort
·        Strictly adhering to prescribed limitations on personal partisanship
·        Refusing to accept gifts and favors
·        Not endorsing particular commercial products
·        Maintaining an attractive and efficient office worthy of Extension
Personal Ethics
An Extension worker should develop and maintain a high degree of personal integrity.
An Extension worker should meet all personal obligations faithfully.
An Extension worker should maintain a pleasing appearance and desirable conduct at all times.
An Extension worker should reflect attitudes of high regard for Extension's clientele, the Cooperative Extension Service and its objectives, and other Extension personnel.