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SUPER Maintenance Updates

September 2016

Individual Annual Plans

  1. Added rating instructions to county director plans
  2. Added definitions to each section of the individual agenda
  3. Removed section ratings on Individual Agenda and condensed ratings to one rating for entire plan
  4. Extended email notification for all status changes. County director is now included in notifications
  5. Made wording changes in status to reflect actual status of plan
  6. Eliminated the 14-day lock. Regional program leader will have ability to lock/unlock the plan
  1. Added tab for Goals to agent/county director/area specialist appraisal. Goals will be created for inclusion in 2017 Appraisal.
  2. Added supervisor comments to goals section
  3. Added a character counter to the goals and supervisor comments. In order for the goals and supervisor comments to fit on the UT/TSU appraisal form each will be limited in the number of characters. The character counter will count down and display the number of characters remaining.

August 2016

  1. Child Protection Report now defaults to searching only Active employees. To search for all employees click the Include Inactive records check box.
  2. Background Check Requests for employees will now use the individual’s responsible account instead of the unit account. Employees who are paid outside of UT will continue to have their BGCs paid for by the institution to which they are employed.
  3. Child protection entries for employees are now highlighted based upon the level selected for Risk Classification. Level 1 employee entries are set to never expire whereas level 2 and 3 will expire, i.e., training every two years, registry checks every year.
  4. Upload feature added to upload the BGC results for volunteers added.

May 2016

Implemented Programs for Minors in SUPER.

March 2016

  1. Activity Reports and filters for Impact Statements have been refined and the calculations for Outcomes updated. These changes will result in greater accuracy of the reporting system in SUPER. 
  2. Minor details in Civil Rights, Profile pictures, and State Action Agendas have been upgraded. 
  3. We have updated the software to the latest version of .Net the programming language in which SUPER is written. This will allow greater flexibility for future upgrades. There is a known problem with Microsoft Internet Explorer in displaying a vita from the My Vita and Appraisal. This does not affect all people with Internet Explorer but those who are affected may get a message that says “Name_Vita.doc couldn’t be downloaded. If you get his error just click the Retry button and the vita will then open. An alternative would be to use another browser like Firefox. 

August 2015

  1. Reports - Added keyword to Impact Statement search in Reports
  2. State Action Agenda - Title changed from “State Specialist” to “State Contact” - Added ability to list leadership team members on State Action Agenda
  3. Planning - When searching for Public Agendas, the results are arranged by agent last name, first name. All the columns are sortable.
  4. Enrollment - Volunteers are no longer deleted at Enrollment Rollover - An end date for volunteer service and a new process for volunteers at rollover has been implemented. Additional information will be sent with the rollover instructions. - Enrollment Contact Info – Edit screen. Gender and Race/Ethnicity fields will default to blank. The Gender, Race/Ethnicity and Age Group are required and marked with a red asterisk. These fields will need to be specifically chosen before the record can be saved.
  5. Training/Registration - Instructor Association with Event/Sub event. Individual instructors can be added to an event. Each instructor will be added individually and will get credit for instructing on the Training/Registration dashboard, on the vita and on the appraisal. Instructors will be notified via email that a course has been created with them as an instructor. - Previously created events can now be copied into new events.
  6. Unit Operations – Budget . - Longevity now appears on Budget Summary for people with county shared benefits. - TSU ant UT salaries and benefits are separated into their own sections on the budget summary.

The Help files titled Training/Registration Toolbox, Creating an In-service Event and Creating a County Budget have been updated to include the changes in SUPER.

March 2015

  1. Courses completed in the vita are filtered by the year(s) selected when building a vita.
  2. The Regional Program Leader review was added to the workflow for in-service events held in a region.
  3. The county director or regional office can move personnel from one budget to another.
  4. TCRS and ORP Hybrid are included in the benefits calculation in the Budget Summary.

February 2015

  1. In Delivery. Social Media is now listed as an Indirect Method. The definition of Social Media for reporting purposes is: “Social media contacts are counted as the number of posts to the number of followers, friends, people in network, etc.” For example, if I do a once a month post to Facebook and I have 100 friends would report the Number of Indirect Methods to be 12 and the Number of Contacts Reached to be 1200.
  2. In Training/Registration. a. All events needing approval are now visible on the approvers dashboard. The approver will no longer have to change the date in the dropdown to find the year for the event needing approval. b. A location was added to individual sub-events. This will be helpful for events that have rooms associate with the sub-event. c. Events not attended are now filtered in Appraisal and Vita builder, in Profile > Professional Development and on the Training/Registration Dashboard under Courses Attended. The facilitator of the course will have to have checked the Attended box on the Participants tab of the Event for each individual in order for it to show.
  3. Unit Operations – Budget. a. The county director can manage the people on his/her budget directly from the Edit Salaries tab. If a person comes into the county who is not currently on the budget, they can be added by opening the Edit Salaries tab and checking the box in front of their name. If they are a transfer from another county the person would have to be unchecked from the old county before they can be added to the new county. b. Social Security and Medicare for those who do not have a retirement plan will now be visible on the benefits tab. c. Benefits for 401k, Workers Compensation and Unemployment are now editable.