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Program Planning

Tennessee Program Planning and Evaluation Model

  • Tennessee Extension Program Planning and Evaluation Model (Extension Publication W240) (.pdf)
  • Needs Assessment Guidebook for Extension Professionals  (PB 1839) PB1839.pdfPB1839.pdf
  • Plugged In: Virtually Connecting to Identify Program Needs trainingPlugged In Need Assessment.mp4Plugged In Need Assessment.mp4

Program Planning Tools

Thoughtful planning has no substitute. It is paramount to effective Extension education. Planning ensures that you are conducting the programs that will address the most pressing needs of people that can be addressed through education, in your county or area served. It allows you to secure the curricula and resources to conduct the program. Effective planning will involve people, like volunteers, Advisory Councils, donors and other stakeholders, in decisions and programs. This is essential to an engaged and educated populous in a democratic society. Please use these tools to gain planning ideas, and please contact Hannah Wright if you have specific planning needs.

Outcomes Management