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                                              4th Grade                                                                   4th Grade
                                              5th Grade                                                                   5th Grade
                      6th Grade                                   6th Grade
                         7th Grade                                                                  7th Grade
                      8th Grade                                 8th Grade                     







The purpose of the Clover Bowl is to acquaint 4-H members with themselves and their surroundings through participating in an enjoyable and educational program. In addition to this main purpose, it is hoped that this program will help participants develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills.  Information for questions will be in the areas of 4-H, Tennessee (History, Geography, and Government), Agriculture, Life Skills, Government and Science.
The Clover Bowl began in 1994 in Wilson County.  4-H Agent Mitch Beaty saw the need for young people to become more knowledgeable in the areas of 4-H, Tennessee, Agriculture and Family and Consumer Sciences. This contest is now available to 64 counties. It is estimated over 10,000 4-H'ers participate in this contest on the county level.

 The 2020 Clover Bowl Handbook is available!


Downloading and Using the Player App for the Virtual Clover Bowl (Using QuizBowl Systems)


The following handbook will be used for the Eastern and Central Region Clover Bowls. You may view/print the questions by individual grade levels. Note: You will need adobe acrobat reader to view the questions. 

Instructions for printing the 2020 Clover Bowl Handbook.
In order to print a complete Clover Bowl Handbook for your grade:
  1. Print the rules and regulations section (which includes cover page).
  2. Print the appropriate grade section for your contest. (4-H'ers will only be responsible for the grade they are currently in.)
  3. Optional for Agents and Educators: Print the Codes and Standards for your appropriate grade section.
  4. Bonus questions on the local and county level will be derived from material in existing Clover Bowl questions. They may be combined or reworded to form a new question.  In other words, a 4-H member who is prepared to answer regular clover bowl questions, should be able to answer bonus questions as well. Bonus questions used will only be available to 4-H agents and other UT staff conducting contests.
Rules and Regulations (including cover page) Clover Bowl Changes and Acknowledgements
4th Grade Questions 4th Grade Codes and Standards
5th Grade Questions 5th Grade Codes and Standards

6th Grade Codes and Standards

7th Grade Questions​​ 7th Grade Codes and Standards
8th Grade Questions​​​ 8th Grade Codes and Standards







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