In partnership with the TDOT Litter Grant Program and the County Mayor’s office, Anderson County 4-H is conducting the “Let’s Do Something” campaign this year.  The goal of the campaign is to get elementary and middle school students involved in community litter, recycling and beautification projects. In the program, each student selects one or more community improvement activities he or she can do individually.  The activities need to fit into one of the following categories:
  • Litter                      
  • Outdoor Beautification            
  • Recycling

 Getting involved is easy—and rewarding!

  1. Pick a community improvement activity that is appropriate for your age and skills, then get permission from your parents/guardians to do the project.   If the project is on someone else’s property or is a public property, you will also need to get permission from the landowner.

  2. Plan the community improvement activity and get the supplies you need to do the project.  Make sure to only select a community improvement activity that you can provide the supplies to complete.  You might need to recruit some help to do the project.

  3. Complete the community improvement activity.  Some activities will be done in a few days; others will be ongoing and may take several months.  Just make sure to finish the project in time to complete your “Let’s Do Something” report by April 1.



Who Can Participate?
  Anderson County 4-H members are eligible to participate.

Timeline:   The LET’S DO SOMETHING Campaign will kick off when the new school year begins.  Participants need to submit their Let’s Do Something report to their 4-H club leader/teacher on or before April 1. 

Rewards:  Making Anderson County an even more beautiful place to live is the ultimate reward, but members will also enjoy these prizes sponsored by TDOT and Keep America Beautiful. 

  • In every school that hosts in-school 4-H clubs, 1st -3rd place winners will be selected for each grade.  Out-of-school clubs (afterschool, home-school, etc) and at-large members will be grouped together as “one school” for competition purposes.  
Let's Do Something Ideas 


Here are a few ideas, but don’t feel limited to these suggestions.  

Remember, you will need to get permission for any community improvement activity you do, and always think SAFETY FIRST! 

  • Pick up trash at a local park or playground.  
  • Pick up trash around a local stream or waterway.  Make sure you have an adult with you so you can be safe near the water.  
  • Become a “trash” detective and look for litter in all the places you visit. 
  • Learn which items are recyclable and where the recyclable materials are accepted.  Set up a recycling station in your home, at a local business or a community center.  
  • Weed the flower beds at a local facility, such as a community center.
  • Make a window box and take care of it throughout the growing season. 
  • Think of your own great ideas to make our community even better.
Remember - think safety first!