Wilson County fce Creed


We will strive to promote a better way of life for all through fellowship, continuing education and service;  To provide guidance in our homes and communities by the uniting of people to make the world a better place in which to live.  May we have pride in our roles as homemakers and family and community educators, and may our hearts be filled with joy as we serve.  Let us always be conscious of the needs of others and be strengthened by the "Divine Light" that guides us all.


 Statement of Policy
 All Family and Community Education Clubs and events are open to all eligible persons without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability or veteran status.


 Schedule of fce Club Meetings
First Tuesday​ ​11:00 AM ​Statesville ​Sara Patton, 615-428-8593
​First Thursday ​10:00 AM ​Cedar Hill Georgia Franklin, 615-507-9796
​First Friday ​10:00 AM ​Oakland Sara Curson, 615-547-4905
​Second Tuesday ​10:00 AM ​Tuckers Crossroads Regina McCathern, 615-473-8332
​Second Wednesday

​10:00 AM ​Shop Springs ​Lynda Ann Sparkman, 615-587-8187
​Second Wednesday ​11:00 AM ​Commerce Carrie Shehane, 615-604-5964
​Second Thursday ​10:00 AM ​Mt. Juliet
​Gloria Farrell, 615-754-2943
​Third Monday ​10:30 AM ​Norene Margaret Edgington, 615-210-1468
Third Monday ​5:00 PM ​Southwest ​Glenda Seay, 615-886-0763
​Third Wednesday ​10:00 AM ​Leeville ​Frances Baker, 615-444-4063
Fourth Tuesday ​10:00 AM ​Gladeville ​Melissa Ross, 615-429-8513
​Fourth Tuesday ​10:30 AM ​Green Hill ​Helen Hays, 615-758-2550


2020 County Council Officers
President Carolyn Binkley, Oakland 615-449-8228
Past President Dorothy Dunn, Tuckers Crossroads 615-449-5387
​Vice President Cernovia "Bebe" Burns, Tuckers Crossroads
​Secretary Ruby Margo, Oakland 615-443-4171
​Treasurer Carrie Shehane, Commerce
Bazaar Chair Genna Kilga, Green Hills
Community Service Chair​​ ​Penny West, Tuckers Crossroads ​615-476-3658
​Cultural Arts ​Wanda Briddelle, Green Hills 615-​754-8942
​Fashion Revue Chair ​Robbie Rodgers, Norene 615-444-9526
Extension FCS Agent Advisor ​Shelly Barnes ​615-444-9584 ​


Schedule of Leader Trainings 
Please note:  
Inclement Weather Policy:  If Wilson County schools are closed, all FCE activities are cancelled.

The Leader Trainings that are picked up at the Extension office will not be available until the date listed.
Listed below are the leader trainings for 2020 and the month they should be conducted at the clubs:
Month to be Given                Program Title                                                    ​        Date                      ​Location/Pick-up
January All About Coffee December, 2019           Pick up at Extension Office
​February Scams
     January 2
​          Pick up at Extension Office
March Seeing is Believing      ​February 3
          Pick up at Extension Office 
​April ​ Rewiring the Brain
​       March 2
      Pick up at Extension Office 
May Eating the Mediterranean Style       April 1
          Pick up at Extension Office
​June                                      Transfer of Non-Titled Property
        ​May 1
          ​Pick up at Extension Office
​July 2020 More Than Meets the Eye
​       June 1     
​          Pick up at Extension Office
​August ​      FREE MONTH
​September                            Family Celebrations      ​August 3
​         Pick up at Extension Office
​October Canning Jars - The Test of Time    
​   September 1
          ​Pick up at Extension Office
 Meal Prep & Freezing
​     October 1
​          Pick up at Extension Office
​December ​      FREE Month
​January, 2021 Yoga     ​December 3
​          Pick up at Extension office


Special Interest Workshops
Please call Contact Person to Sign-up for each Workshop.  Participant number may be limited. 
​Month ​Topic ​Location ​Cost ​Contact Person, Phone ​Supplies Needed
March 20
9:00 AM
Canvas Painting CANCELLED 893 Gwynn Lane

​$35 Laura Smith, 615-975-2315

Class limited to 8

April 21
9:00 AM
Patriotic Wall Hanging CANCELLED Extension Office
Conference Room
​$5 Carolyn Binkley, 615-449-8228
All supplies furnished
June 26
9:00 AM
Extension Office
Conference Room
Wanda Briddelle, 615-754-8942
Class limited to 10
July 24
9:00 AM
893 Gwynn Lane
Laura Smith, 615-975-2315
Class limited to 8
​October 7
9:00 AM
3D Snowflake CANCELLED Extension Office
Conference Room
$7 Carolyn Binkley, 615-449-8228
All supplies furnished
​November 20
9:00 AM
​Alcohol Ink Ornaments  CANCELLED
(4 per student)
​Extension Office
Conference Room
​$15 ​Jeanie Such, 615-574-1178 ​All supplies furnished
Class limited to 8
December 7
10:00 AM
​Needle Felting Ornament  CANCELLED ​Extension Office 
Conference Room
​n/a ​Shelly Barnes, 615-444-9584 ​​All supplies furnished

Shelly Barnes, FCS Extension Agent & Advisor
Phone:  615-444-9584
Fax:  615-443-2618


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