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4-H Poster Contest

Judges for the 2019 County Poster Contest were Mayor Randall Hutto and Sara Davenport

2019 County Poster Contest - Blue Ribbon Winners

4th Grade:
1st Place - Seth Farina - Rutland Elementary
2nd Place - Violet Teckenbrock - Rutland Elementary
3rd Place - Jackson Ricketts - Gladeville Elementary

5th Grade: 
1st Place - Dillon Whitlock - Watertown Elementary
2nd Place - Zoey Moon - Gladeville Elementary
3rd Place - Sarah Powell - Watertown Elementary

6th to 8th Grade:
1st Place - Eli Shehane - Wilson County Homeschool
2nd Place - Caleb Bobel - Wilson County Homeschool
3rd Place - MaKayla Cook - Mt. Juliet Middle School

9th to 12th Grade:
1st Place - Gunner Gossett - Wilson County 4-H Honor Club
2nd Place - Sophia Roberts - Wilson County Homeschool
3rd Place - Christine Oldham - Heritage Homeschool

Wilson County 4-H Poster Contest
Show off your artistic talents and creativity in the 4-H Poster Contest!  Bring your poster to your next 4-H club meeting.  Club winners will go to the county contest.
1. Poster must be about 4-H
2. Must be horizontal (not vertical)
3. Must measure 14x22 inches
4. Letters should be at least 1 inch tall or taller
5. Do not use well known cartoon figures
6. 3-D objects may not extend more than 1/8 of an inch
7. Poster should be neat
8. Please write your name, address, school, teacher, and grade on the back of the poster