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4-H Poster Contest

The judge for the 2020 County Poster Contest was Lauren Breeze, County Commissioner of the 18th District.  We appreciate Ms. Breeze taking her time to be our judge.

2020 County Poster Contest - Blue Ribbon Winners

4th Grade:
1st Place - Aynslee Bright, West Elementary                                                                                                                           
2nd Place - Elijah Booker,  West Elementary
3rd Place - Camden Johnson, West Elementary
5th Grade: 
1st Place - Tiffany Jenkins, Homeschool
2nd Place - Jaxon Jones, Gladeville Elementary
3rd Place - Jackson Ricketts, Gladeville Elementary

6th to 8th Grade:
1st Place - Rachel Uplinger, Homeschool
2nd Place - Daniel Zalesov, Homeschool
3rd Place - Joseph Wiles, Homeschool

9th to 12th Grade:
1st Place - Eli Shehane, Homeschool
2nd Place - Gracie Vincent, Homeschool

Wilson County 4-H Poster Contest
Show off your artistic talents and creativity in the 4-H Poster Contest!  Bring your poster to your next 4-H club meeting.  Club winners will go to the county contest.
1. Poster must be about 4-H
2. Must be horizontal (not vertical)
3. Must measure 14x22 inches
4. Letters should be at least 1 inch tall or taller
5. Do not use well known cartoon figures
6. 3-D objects may not extend more than 1/8 of an inch
7. Poster should be neat
8. Please write your name, address, school, teacher, and grade on the back of the poster