The Williamson County Master Gardener Program boasts over 100 active members, whom are actively involved in the community. Numerous volunteer projects and educational opportunities are available each year through the Williamson County Master Gardener Association, to suit your gardening interests.  Master Gardener intern classes are available each January through April, alternating yearly from day to night classes. The classes consist of 13 weeks of study, covering a wide range of topics.
In support of the University of Tennessee mission and the University of Tennessee Extension Service mission; the Master Gardener Program promotes environmental stewardship through a network of volunteers to provide researched based information and education to Tennessee communities in home gardening and related areas. As part of our mission the program supports the continued education and development for committed volunteers.
To provide innovative, researched based, progressive home horticulture education to all Tennessee communities.
Disseminate horticultural information
To develop community programs related to horticulture
Enhance 4-H club
Recruit and trained interested volunteers for programs
Providing home horticulture education in a responsive and timely manner.
Collaborating with local non-profit and municipal groups to offer leadership in education for better gardening practices in area communities.
Fostering a learning environment for volunteers, who promote environmental stewardship, while representing the University of Tennessee.
Encouraging continued education and the recruitment and training of new Master Gardener volunteers.
Offering information through innovative programs by providing information and education to the general public with creative and new approaches.


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To learn more about the Williamson County Master Gardener Program, please contact Amy Dismukes
or call (615) 790-5721