We are an integral part of the University of Tennessee and the University of Tennessee Extension. Our county educators develop and deliver science-based educational programs that address issues of importance to Tennesseans. Our programs currently focus on several subject areas:

Nutrition and Food Safety


UT Extension offers Nutrition and Food Safety programs to improve the lives of Tennesseans through community-based education. Understanding nutrition and food safety is important to improving their health and wellbeing. These programs provide families with the tools needed to make healthy food choices, reduce risk of foodborne illnesses and mechanisms to manage food dollars.
Family Economics
* UT Extension offers financial literacy programming for all ages, with the goal of family financial security throughout life, based on sound, practical money management skills. These programs provide families with the tools and knowledge to cope with economic stress, improve spending habits, manage and reduce debt and add value to their consumer decisions.
Community Health
* UT Extension Community Health programs promote self-responsibility in personal and family health through competencies in safe lifestyle practices. These programs provide Tennesseans with the tools to manage their health and to actively function in safe and healthy environments.
Human Development

UT Extension educates families on how to make sound decisions about the wise use of their resources, health-promoting behaviors and encourages individual development to help people reach their full potential in parenting, family and personal growth. These programs provide families with the tools needed to make positive career paths, create safe nurturing environments and be proactive in rearing successful, healthy children.