​​Two Events Highlight Forage and Nutrition Information for Horse Owners and Business Operators

Horse Hay Field Days to discuss forage

Alfalfa variety trials were held at the UT AgResearch and Education Center at Greeneville. Photo by D. McIntosh, courtesy UTIA. Download image​.

Various forages for horses will be discussed at two hay field days conducted by University of Tennessee Extension in September 2016. The “Oh, Hay” field days are scheduled for September 8 and 22 at two separate locations in Tennessee. They are free to attend.

The September 8th event will be at UT’s Middle Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center in Spring Hill, Tennessee. A second, duplicate event will be held September 22 in East Tennessee at the UT AgResearch and Education Center at Greeneville. Dinner will be served as part of each event.

Topics to be covered will include the process of producing hay from the field to your horse’s mouth; factors that affect forage quality, such as species or cultivar of grass, management practices and hard climate conditions like prolonged drought; and information on forage testing and the nutrients provided to the horse from forages. The evening will conclude by addressing physical qualities to look for when selecting hay based on appearance, touch, smell and color. 
At each location, the field day will run from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., and the evening will be dedicated to learning about the forages that fuel our horses. To register contact Dr. Jennie Ivey at 865-974-3157, or by email to jzivey@utk.edu

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