Wool will be received in both Columbia and Maryville



The 2014 Tennessee Wool Pool is scheduled for two sites in June. Wool will be received in both Columbia and Maryville. Producers are encouraged to participate at the location that is most convenient to them.

The Columbia Wool Pool is set for June 10 at the Maury Farmer's Co-op located at 423 Westover Drive, Columbia, behind the Maury County Hospital. Wool will be received from 9 a.m. until noon CDT at the Columbia site.

The Maryville Wool Pool will be held June 19 at Foothills Farmers Co-op Bulk Fertilizer Plant located at 3957 Hwy 411 South, in Maryville. Wool will be received from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. EDT at the Maryville location.

The Tennessee Wool Pool is sponsored by the Tennessee Sheep Producer's Association in cooperation with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, the Tennessee Farmer's Cooperative and University of Tennessee Extension. The wool pool is one of the earliest demonstrations of cooperative marketing by Tennessee livestock producers.  
Although the individual flocks of sheep in Tennessee are small in number and would produce a small volume of wool to market, by pooling the wool, a larger volume can be made available for marketing. As with any marketing alliance, a large number of animals or a large volume of any commodity offered for sale has demonstrated to be more attractive to buyers than commodities sold in small lots.

Approximately 15,000 to 18,000 pounds of wool are anticipated to be offered for sale. Numerous wool buyers have been informed of the pool and encouraged to bid on the wool.

The Tennessee Wool Pool has the reputation of marketing a quality product. Several factors have contributed to maintaining an attractive pool. These include not bringing wool to the pool in plastic feed sacks, keeping the wool as clean as possible and separating "black" wool from other wool.

Clips from "hair" sheep will not be accepted at the pools.

These two pools offer the most attractive marketing option for Tennessee wool, and producers are encouraged cooperate with area sheep producers to increase the amount offered for sale and in arranging for "pooled" transportation to the most convenient location.

Producers are encouraged to contribute to the labor and other activities that result in the wool being graded, baled and prepared for shipment.

For additional information, contact your local UT Extension office.

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Dr. James B. Neel, professor of Animal Science and Extension Beef Cattle specialist, Department of Animal Science, 865-974-3189,