Producers of corn, cotton, grain sorghum, soybeans and wheat in Tennessee can find some budgeting help available from UT Extension. 
A publication available online from the UT Agricultural and Resource Economics Department website contains short-term planning budgets that include cost estimates for 12- and 16-row machinery complements. Fertilizer recommendations in the crop budgets are generally for soils that have a medium soil test.
UT experts recommend that farmers should have their soils tested in order to get maximum return for money spent for fertilizer. As crop programs are planned, the fertilizer applications can be adjusted to the soil test recommendations.
The publication’s authors caution that direct government program benefits are not included in the budgets. Producers should adjust the estimates as appropriate for their particular situation.
You can find Field Crop Budget Estimates available online at

Contributors remind readers that that the budgets are updated and posted online annually.
The Agricultural and Resource Economics website is

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