Money Tips, Plus Specific Resources for Furloughed Federal Employees

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Finances, budgeting and saving for a rainy day are the topic of conversation across the nation. A list of resources, shared by UT Extension, is now available to help keep costs low, manage money and to assist federal workers who are currently furloughed. Photo by Joyce Huis on Unsplash. ​​
KNOXVILLE – From the national conversation to the dinner table, it seems the topic at hand for everyone is finances. How to pay for credit card bills from the holidays, how to balance the budget and, for some, how to get through without a paycheck. University of Tennessee Extension specialist Ann Berry has shared a list of resources for the public, including resources specific to furloughed federal employees.

“An unexpected loss of income is a difficult situation, but there are resources and ways to manage money so that utter disaster can be avoided,” says Berry. “Having an emergency fund to help navigate difficult seasons is always the best plan, and can be achieved through careful planning and budgeting. But long term financial wellness is a lofty goal that is sometimes hard to achieve when families are struggling to make ends meet,” she continues.

Berry adds that the UT Extension Family Economics website has links to learn about handling financial emergencies, protecting assets, saving and budgeting, and avoiding debt. “These resources from UT Extension can help, no matter what financial obstacles an individual or family may be facing, including loss of income,” continues Berry.

The full list, compiled by the national Extension Financial Security for All Community Practice, is below.

Resources for Managing Money

Managing Your Personal Finances in Tough Times
The Easy Way to Create a Spending Plan
Financial Security: Managing Money in Tough Times
Budget Hacks: From Research to Practical

Specific Resources for Furloughed Federal Employees:

How to Handle a Furlough: Develop a Plan
Resources for Employees Impacted by Furlough
Employee Information and Resources
FY 2018 Shutdown Furlough – Frequently Asked Questions
How You (And Your Finances) Can Survive the Federal Shutdown
Pay & Leave – Furlough Guidance
Furloughed Employees Handbook
Resources Available for Furloughed Employees

For more financial resources, contact the family and consumer sciences agent at your local county Extension office. You can also visit the UT Extension Family and Consumer Sciences website at

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Ann A. Berry, professor, UT Extension Family and Consumer Sciences, 865-974-8198,