Guidelines for Growers of Asparagus, Beans, Cole Crops, Peppers, Sweet Corn and Vine Crops

Picture of variety of peppers
​Six new publications provide crop-specific guidelines for home vegetable growers of plants like peppers. The factsheets are available online and include a wealth of information about asparagus, beans, cole crops, peppers, sweet corn, and vine crops. Image by N. Bumgarner, courtesy UTIA. 

The 2018 growing season has come to a close, but many gardeners are already looking forward to 2019 and planning for their next gardening adventures.  Those who will be new to gardening may also be planning their space and crops for 2019.

So, just when do you plant and harvest muskmelon? At what temperature should asparagus be stored? These and other questions are being answered by University of Tennessee Extension in the form of six new publications. Recently posted online, these publications give Tennesseans a quick and accessible guide to asparagus, beans, cole crops, peppers, sweet corn and vine crops.

According to UT Extension specialist Natalie Bumgarner, “There are many excellent crop options for vegetable gardeners to grow. However, different types of crops often vary in time, space, nutrient and management needs. This series of factsheets focuses on different types of vegetable crops to help home gardeners choose the best crops and varieties for their gardens.”

The factsheets include region-specific information for beans, cole crops and vine crops. The publications also identify common pests, diseases and issues for each of the crops. “Growers can be aware of the best time to plant and tips and tricks for managing the productivity of these vegetables in their gardens as well,” continued Bumgarner. 

To access the factsheets, click on the links below, or go to and search for “Tennessee vegetable garden” under the “publications” tab.

For more home garden resources, contact your local county Extension office. You can also visit the UT Extension website at ​ 

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Natalie Bumgarner, assistant professor, UT Extension, 865-974-7308,​