It's time to order baby chicks for the 4-H Chick Chain!

How about raising some cute baby chicks? The members who sign a contract for this project will receive a minimum of 12, two-day old chicks in the spring to raise. The cost is $3 per bird. Three quality pullets will be returned to the County Poultry Show and Sale this fall. Rhode Island Red and Buff Orpingtons are the breeds this year. You must purchase at least 6 of a breed.       
The deadline to order chicks is Friday, February 1. (See registration form at right) Call 735-2900 for further information.




Don't forget to order your chicks by Friday, February 1, 2019!                                        







For more information contact Katie Martin at 615-735-2900 or email her at   


                         Buff Orpington Hen


                        Rhode Island Red Hen