It's time to order baby chicks for the 4-H Chick Chain!

Would you like to raise some cute baby chicks?​ The 4-​H Chick Chain project allows 4th-12th grade 4-H'ers to gain skills in responsibility and management by raising baby chicks into layer hens. 4-H members who sign a contract for this project will receive a minimum of 12 two-day-old chicks to raise in the spring. The cost is $3 per bird. Three quality pullets will be returned to the County Poultry Show and Sale this fall. 

Rhode Island Red and Australorp are the breeds available to purchase this year. You must purchase at least 7 of a breed.       

For more information contact Katie Martin at 615-735-2900 or email her at   ​

The deadline to order chicks is Monday, February 1, 2021.

Please bring or mail your registration form and payment to:

UT Extension Smith County

125 Gordonsville Highway, Suite 300

Rhode Island Red