Located in the heart of the Sequatchie Valley, Sequatchie County is rich in natural beauty and resources. Of the 176,240 acres in Sequatchie County, 130,600 acres is forested,
that's 77% of the county.
  This large area brings in between $1,600,000 (stumpage) to $4,500,000 (delivered) per year.  The Mission of the University of Tennessee is to provide researched based information to residents and landowners in Sequatchie County.

How to improve your Forestland

  • Use the advice and services of a professional forester.
    Click here for a list of Professional Foresters in Tennessee

  • Have a forest management plan prepared for your land.  (The plan should tell you what you have, what you need to do, and when you need to do it)

  • Reforest all of your idle or cut-over forestlands.

  • Use good marketing techniques when you sell timber.

  • Become familiar with timber tax laws.

  • Be an active manager of your forestland.

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