EFNEP is an educational program for families and youth, particularly families with young children. 
Families who enroll in EFNEP receive a series of lessons, at no cost to them, on how to choose and prepare healthy foods.
Education focuses on:
Selecting and preparing nutricious foods
Managing food resources wisely
Handling foods safely
Participating in regular activity

Trained UT Extension provide fun and engaging hands-on lessons to limited resource audiences.  Funding for EFNEP is provided by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

EFNEP has been conducted in Tennessee for over 45 years and has proven to be a program with signficant impacts.  A cost-benefit analysis of EFNEP in Tennessee showed that for every dollar spent to implement the program, $2.49 is saved on food expenditures.  This can reduce the need for emergency food assistance and save money for other necessities.