Rutherford County Farmers Market Educational Series
Every Tuesday and Friday during the Farmers Market we will have FREE mini-classes on a variety of horticultural and other topics and interests.  These lively and fun classes will usually start at 9:00am and will be held in the Community Center Class Room.  The Community Center is the building where the Farmers Market is held. 
Come to one...come to them all, you are sure to learn something new!  For a list of programs click on the Farmers Market tab above.
Garden Basic Class 
This course is designed for beginner or intermediate gardeners who wish to learn or to improve their skills. Ten topics are covered in five days. Classes usually last about three hours on the most common horticultural issues of the season. Classes are taught by certified Master Gardeners. More information about this class can be found on the Master Gardener Program link -

Grass Masters Lawn Care Academy

Contact: Mitchell Mote
This course is annually offered in late summer and is aimed at homeowners and others who are actively involved in the management of their home lawn.
There is a really good chance you will learn way more than you bargained for about turfgrass and lawncare if you complete our lawncare course.  You will learn about the different kinds of turfgrasses we can (and can't) grow here and how to manage them, options for establishing a new lawn, renovation tips for existing lawns, weed control, fertilization, and more!  Shoot, you may even learn what it is that makes those holes in your lawn! There is no charge for this class.  email Mitchell at for more information.   

 "Check out link below for information about late March/early April weed control in home lawns."

"Check out link below for information about voles in home lawns."