4th Grade County Speech Finalists

 Click here to view a powerpoint on club meeting contests.

Building communications skills is an important initiative of the Robertson County 4-H/Youth Development program. 

Verbal communications include public speaking, demonstrations, and interactive exhibits.  

Congratulations to local club winners - 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, who may compete in the virtual county speech contest by submitting a video of your speech by January 10, 2021.  Senior high winners compete in the Central Region Contest in February.

REMINDER:  A written (prepared) speech on any topic, should include the following: 

  (1) Introduction - catchy phrase or story to get the audience's attention and let's the audience know the topic.

  (2) Body - think of three main ideas or points that you want to share with the audience about your topic and include supporting information for each

  (3) Closing - brief summary of your speech, perhaps a challenge to the audience to "do something" related to your topic, keep in mind that the last thing you say is what the audience will remember!

Senior high speeches must be a 4-H speech.  Senior high prepared speeches are 75% of the score.  The extemporaneous speech (topic given and 1 minute of preparation and 2 mintues of presentation) is 25% of the score.

The Robertson County Project Fair is to be determined in Spring, 2021.  For county and regional contests, demonstrations must be at least 2 minutes long, no more than 5 minutes.  Any technology used requires the 4-H member to bring any necessary equipment to the contest. A visual aid of some kind is required - poster, exhibit board, etc.  No live animals.

Written communications include writing a 4-H story or narrative, recording project work by completing a project folder, manual or portfolio. Visual communications includes posters and photography.

Contests are held locally and at the county, regional and state levels as determined by grade.

Guidelines for local contests are available in the Robertson County handbooks.

For more information, use the handouts accessible below:

Photography link for 6th grade and up - all others refer to the county handbook.

Public Speaking Demonstrations - 4th and 5th grade.

Interactive Exhibits - 6th - 8th grade.