Value-added farm enterprises are those which allow producers/growers to earn a greater portion of consumer expenditures by processing, packaging and/or marketing crops, livestock or other farm resources; including agrotourism enterprises and direct marketing ventures. Adding value to an agriculture commodity can be accomplished by changing the physical state or form of the product (such as making cheese from milk, milling wheat into flour, making strawberries into jelly or processing beef into steaks) or packaging a product in a way that makes it worth more to the consumer (such as bottling milk). Value can also be added by direct marketing products in ways that allow the farmer to capture more of consumer expenditures. Business Development includes the planning, creation and operation of businesses at the local level. Extension programs in this area focus on providing educational training that better prepares business owners to successfully operate a business that will create and maintain desirable jobs within communities.

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     Beginning Farmer Education Programs Farm Financial Management Programs  County-Level Agricultural Economic Impact 
     Value-Added Agriculture 


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