Here in Overton County, 4-H is the youth development organization of the University of Tennessee.  Involvement in 4-H encourages diverse groups of youth to development unique talents and skills to the highest potential.  Youth are given opportunities to participate in the 4-H through involvement in after school programs, clubs, camps, and much more.  “Learning by doing” through hands on activities and community involvement empowers 4-H’ers to develop and strengthen life skills.   

 All Overton County 4-H Programs are designed to impact one or more of the five basic competency areas which define the range of behaviors and skills identified as essential for adult success.  These life skills include:Health/ Physical, Personal/ Social, Cognitive/ Creative, Vocational, Citizenship/ Ethics.

Check out the links below to help you see what is going on in Overton County 4-H! ​

4-H Programs

How do I support Overton County 4-H?
 There are lots of ways for adults to become involved. Become a 4-H Volunteer, or sign up for 4-H alumni and friends: 

or Donate to us through the 4-H Foundation Website. You can direct your donation to Overton County Directly by clicking the image below:

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4-H Extension Agent
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