Family & Community Education (FCE) ClubsPerhaps you recognize us by our previous names – “Extension Homemakers” or “Home Demonstration Clubs”.  The National Association for Family and Community Education (NAFCE) is one of the largest adult volunteer educational organizations in the country.  Goal: “To strengthen individuals and families through continuing education, leadership development and community service.” Regional FCE or Forms

Family and Community Leadership (FCL)- FCL Application Form
What is FCL? Family and Community Leadership (FCL) is an educational program jointly sponsored by the Tennessee Association for Family and Community Education (TAFCE) and The University of Tennessee Extension. This program, initially funded in part by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, offers leadership workshops to prepare participants for involvement in public policy decision-making affecting families and communities.  Who can participate? Anyone who will make a commitment to work in the FCL program 12 – 24 days for a year may participate.
What is taught? The basic FLC training program includes 30 hours of instruction in six areas:
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Working with Groups
  • Issue Analysis and Resolution
  • Community Affairs and Public Policy
  • Volunteerism
  • Teaching Methods
Organization: to develop resources within TAFCE, UT Extension and others which support leaders and groups
How is FCL funded? The W.K. Kellogg Foundation provided initial capital which supplemented TAFCE and UT Extension to establish the Tennessee FCL program. TAFCE and UT Extension provide funding and in-kind support for the current training sessions.
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