​Tennessee families are currently facing many problems. UT Extension’s Family and Consumer Sciences program delivers science-based, educational programming that deals with many of the issues that are of importance to our county’s citizens.  The programs offered focus on strengthening individuals, families and communities by addressing critical issues and needs by teaching our clients how to make sound decisions about the wise use of their resources, educating them about health-promoting behaviors and encouraging individual development to help people reach their full potential in parenting, family relations and personal growth. 

Family and Consumer Sciences Programs and Information

  • FCS Newsletters - Newsletters are written by Ethel Bonner, UT Extension FCS Agent in Lincoln County.

  • kidcentral tn - Looking for Tennessee state services? kidcentral tn is your one-stop shop for finding resources for your family.

  • Food Preservation - Current research-based recommendations for most methods of home food preservation may be found on our food preservation webpage.

  • Tennessee Saves - The Tennessee Saves program offers free services to encourage and support savings and wealth building among Tennesseans.

  • Parenting Apart:  Effective Co-Parenting - Educational Program for parents who have filed for divorce in Tennessee Courts.

  • Lincoln County FCE Club Information

    • Family and Community Education (fce) Clubs - You may remember us as Home Demonstration Clubs or Extension Homemakers.  Our name has changed, but, our determination to make a difference in our communities has not.  Our fce Clubs partner with UT Extension’s FCS to enrich our educational programming. 








Bonner, Ethel Lynette