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 Food preservation is the process of treating and handling food to stop or greatly slow down spoilage (loss of quality, edibility or nutritive value) caused or accelerated by micro-organisms. Maintaining or creating nutritional value, texture and flavor is important in preserving its value as food.  

Preservation usually involves preventing the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other micro-organisms, as well as retarding the oxidation of fats which cause rancidity. It also includes processes to inhibit natural aging and discoloration that can occur during food preparation such as the enzymatic browning reaction in apples after they are cut. Some preservation methods require the food to be sealed after treatment to prevent recontamination with microbes; others, such as drying, allow food to be stored without any special containment for long periods. 
Common methods of applying these processes include drying, spray drying, freeze drying, freezing, vacuum-packing, canning, preserving in syrup, sugar crystallization, food irradiation, and adding preservatives or inert gases such as carbon dioxide. Other methods that not only help to preserve food, but also add flavor, include pickling, salting, smoking, preserving in syrup or alcohol, sugar crystallization and curing.

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Food Preservation Classes will be offered during the Spring/Summer of 2020. Check back here for registration information when it becomes available. To be added to the interest list for the 2020 Food Preservation Classes, please call the Extension Office at (423) 855-6113. 

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