- Grade Levels 4th - 12th
- Curriculum: Livestock & Responsibility
- Tennessee Curriculum Educational SPI's Addressed: 91% (10 of 11)
Classification, Safety, Facilities, Nutrition, Traits, Parts, Health, Management, Growth


 The 4-H Chick Chain Program is offered each year with registration opening in February. The registration deadline is February 21, 2020.
 For more information on the 2020 Chick Chain Program, download the information and registration form:
Questions? Please call the Extension Office at (423) 855-6113.

  Promotion for 4-H Chick Chain starts in January with a February 21 deadline. Students will have an option to raise 12 baby chicks during the months from March to September. Chicks are ordered in March and will arrive at the Hamilton County Extension office shortly after they are ordered. Parents and participants are expected to pick up the chicks and also go through our mandatory free orientation. In September, the 4-H youth participants will bring three of their best chickens to the Hamilton County Fair for possible monetary awards & ribbons from the Youth Open Poultry Show. Participants get to keep the other 9 chickens. The monetary bids from the 4-H Chick Chain auction will go to each 4-H youth that brought three chickens back to the county fair.


There is an initial cost to purchase the chicks. 

The initial cost of the chicks will not be refunded to the participants. 


The project is for youth in 4th - 12th grades from beginner to experienced small livestock caretakers. Participants and their parent(s) / guardian(s) are required to attend a free poultry orientation meeting hosted by UT Extension - Hamilton County satff regarding step by step information on how to care for the chickens. Participants will be responsible for providing cage, feed, heat lamp, etc. for the chicks. If chickens will reside in a subdivision, please be sure to check with your local division management regarding small livestock on property. 


For more information contact: 
UT/TSU Extension - Hamilton County
6183 Adamson Circle
Chattanooga, TN 37416
Phone (423) 855-6113
Fax (423) 855-6115



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