Small Farms Program

Contact: Finis Stribling, III
The Small Farms Program of Giles County is designed to enhance quality of life and management skills for minority, limited-resource, and small farm producers. Ensuring the long-term economic viability and sustainability of agriculture production on family farms is of focus for limited-resource farmers.


The Small Farms Program covers the following areas:
  • Risk Management 
  • Record Keeping 
  • Goat Production 
  • Vegetable Production 
  • USDA Programs

Agriculture Production

Contact: Kevin Rose
The University of Tennessee Extension's Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Community Economic Development Team is the premiere source of educational programs and information about Agriculture, Natural Resources, and the Food System. We are a customer driven educational organization which assists Tennesseans in achieving their goals of profit in agriculture, abundant and safe food, a clean environment and effective stewardship of natural resources.

For information on programs related to livestock, field crops, forages, forestry, wildlife and fisheries contact Kevin Rose

For information on programs related to consumer and commercial horticulture contact Darby Payne

2019 Integrated Orchard Management Guide for Commercial Apples in the Southeast
2020 Southeastern Vegetable Crop Handbook

Two-Step Method for Fire Ants 
To print or view publications about Fire Ants click here.

Link to Extension Agriculture page:
UT Extension Agriculture
Variety Tests
2019 Corn Variety Tests Results
2019 Soybean Variety Tests Results

The MANAGE Program
Contact: Lester Humpal
MANAGE was designed specifically to help Tennessee farm families evaluate their individual situation and assist them in improving their quality of life. Individualized farm and financial planning assistance is a major component of the program. In addition, farm families can also obtain information on computer applications to agriculture, computer record keeping, marketing, lease and rental arrangements, production records, new enterprises, and much more. Workshops and other educational programs are also offered to help farm families improve marketing, record keeping, strategic planning, and enterprise budgeting skills.

 UT Extension Farm MANAGE Program Info - posted 6/11/2020





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