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The staff has expertise in a variety of subject matter areas. The office has a wealth of research-based publications, addressing virtually any issue related to the home or farm. Mr. Philip Shelby can assist you with information ranging from production agriculture to the home lawn and garden. Extension Agents Katelyn Watt Barker and Carrie Joyner offer youth development with 4-H Club participation through the local cooperating school systems and special interest groups. 4-H is available to all interested 4th through 12th grade students in Gibson County.  Ms. Barbara Berry can assist with information ranging from food safety and nutrition to financial and resource management. Tennessee Nutrition & Consumer Education Program (TNCEP) Program Assistant, Laquita Clark, provides education for individuals and families who participate, or are eligible to participate, in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Gibson County also proudly houses the offices of two Extension Area Specialists. Joetta T. White is the West Tennessee AgrAbility Agent, and Danny Morris is a Farm Management Specialist assigned to the Western Region office in Jackson.

So whether you know the UT Extension as the County Agents Office, the 4-H office or the Home Agent’s office, be assured that the staff is available to help answer your questions or direct you to the correct source. Our organization has a rich tradition of meeting the needs of the rural community. Additionally, our role continues to expand in order to meet the challenges facing a more urban audience. All of the services and many of the programs offered by Extension are free to Gibson County residents. UT Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.