What is Walk Across Tennessee?
Walk Across Tennessee is an 8-week fitness program designed to increase the daily physical activity of Tennesseans.  Participation in WAT has the potential to decrease the overweight and obesity trends in the state.  It can help participants develop more active lifestyles and manage illnesses and chronic diseases.  WAT can also help Tennesseans protect their physical and emotional health.
WAT is designed for teams of up to eight people. The teams will have a friendly competition to see who can log the most miles walking, jogging, biking, dancing, etc. Team members do not have to walk together.  Some may prefer to walk outside, while others walk on a treadmill.  You may choose from a variety of activities by using physical activity equivalents.  A conversion chart will be provided.
The ultimate goal of WAT is for each team to complete 500 miles of activity during the 8-week program.  Let’s break it down:  If there are 8 members on a team, then each member is tasked with 62.5 miles during the duration of the program.  If those miles are spread out evenly, that is only 7.8 miles per week for each team member or roughly 1 mile per day.  
2019 Walk Across Tennessee Schedule:
Week 1 (September 8th--September 14th)
Week 2 (September 15th--September 21st)
Week 3 (September 22nd--September 28th)
Week 4 (September 29th--October 5th)
Week 5 (October 6th--October 12th)

Week 6 (October 13th--October 19th)

Week 7 (October 20th--October 26th)

Week 8 (October 27th--November 2nd)

Registration Forms
Individual Registration Form:
Team Registration Form: