Homeowners in Cheatham County can utilize Extension professionals for many different home horticulture needs.  Services provided include:


  • Insect Identification and Control
  • Weed Identification and Control
  • Disease Identification and Control
  • Plant Variety Recommendations
  • Plant Identification
  • Lawn Care and Management
  • Vegetable Garden Planning and Care
  • Soil Sampling
Whether you enjoy landscaping or gardening as a hobby or are serious about building a successful business, the University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University are dedicated to introducing the fundamentals of gardening through our Master Gardener classes.  
Master Gardener classes are held each year starting in August, and cover a broad range of horticultural topics, including a core group of classes designed to teach gardeners important basics of gardening. 
If you are a professional and need current information on pesticide changes, safety or need to keep your certification current through acquiring points, be sure to check out the Middle Tennessee Landscape Short Course held in Franklin in January each year.

 Horticulture Programs and Information


 Knaus, Sierra Adriene


Knaus, Sierra Adriene

Extension Agent III

Cheatham County

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