​Wa​lk a full or half marathon the month of May!
Need some inspiration to keep you moving?  UT/TSU Extension is sponsoring a May Marathon Month!  You will have the entire month to complete the walking of a half marathon (13 miles) or a full marathon (26 miles).  

Set up your own schedule – one mile a day or two miles three times a week or whatever works for you.  You can walk around your neighborhood, at the rec center outdoor track or on a treadmill – the only catch is that it must be in addition to your regular steps throughout the day.  

Simply keep track of your miles walked for exercise and report at the end of May.  There will be awards for completing the half or full marathon.  Along the way you’ll receive helpful newsletters, inspiring motivations and finish knowing that you have done something good for yourself and your health!  

Click on the link below to register on-line or click on the flyer to print and mail or e-mail your registration.  For questions, e-mail Whitney Danhof, Extension Agent, at wdanhof1@utk.edu or call the Extension Office at 684-5971 and leave a message for us to call you back (our office is closed to the public due to the coronavirus).

Come, get out to walk (while social distancing please!), take off those quarantine pounds and make a commitment to take care of yourself by joining the May Marathon Month challenge!